Coins in stacks, with flowers growing out of the top

Let's Talk Money

MONEY – it’s such a loaded topic!  We complain about it, we’re scared of it, we waste it… hoard it… hate it… love it…  and most of us are confused about it.  

But forget about all that for a moment and ask yourself this question:  “Regardless of how I feel about money, do I have practical tools in place to manage what I have properly?”

This is especially important for entrepreneurs.  Are you someone who has turned their personal passion into your profession?  Is your work all wrapped up in your life and vice versa?  If yes, my guess is that you have your money all wrapped up in both as well.

 I meet many entrepreneurs who have their personal finances and business finances intertwined. This almost always results in costly missteps, missed opportunities… and sadly, a lot of financial insecurity for you.

Unravel Business and Personal

I will help you sort through your finances to ensure business money is completely separate from your personal money.  From there we will define goals for growing your personal net worth and a secure financial future.

Once your business and personal finances are separate we can assess the true financial health of your business.  Then we will define clear goals for increasing your profit.  A profitable business not only has value if you ever wish to sell it, but it’s how you are going to build your personal net worth in the meantime.

Too many business owners put off building personal wealth while they are growing their business.  Let me help you understand the principle of paying yourself first and securing your future.