Welcome to my website. I am a postdoc in Serena Dudek’s lab at NIEHS/NIH. My research focuses on the cell-type specific regulation of dendritically localized RNAs in the brain and how local translation impacts cell-type specific forms of plasticity. In particular, I am investigating dendritic RNAs in area CA2 of the hippocampus, a subregion that is resistant to typical forms of plasticity, namely long-term potentiation or LTP. Using a combination of molecular profiling techniques (RNA-Seq, m6A-Seq, Ribo-Seq) and mouse genetics (CA2-specific cre mice and various floxed lines), I hope to unravel the molecular mechanisms underlying the unique types of plasticity expressed in CA2.

Beyond my research, I am involved in the North Carolina Triangle Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, which works to foster and promote collaborations between NC neuroscientists, the public and our legislators to advance the understanding of the brain and highlight the importance for neuroscience research in our state.

Connect with me on ResearchGate or Twitter @sfarris721.